Black Child Legacy Campaign 

Address: 3725 Marysville Blvd Sacramento, CA.  95815

Phone(916) 286-8687

HoursMonday - Friday 9:30AM-1:00PM

In response to African American child death disparities in Sacramento County, the Black Child Legacy Campaign (BCLC) was created. It is a community-driven movement working to reduce deaths of African American children by 10% - 20% by the year 2020. As one of seven community-based agencies selected to lead BCLC efforts, RFDC supports community driven efforts in reducing the rate of African American child death, injury, and trauma. In North Sacramento/Del Paso Heights, we provide access to quality services and programs, build community capacity and engagement, and foster effective education, outreach, and connections to services. We coordinate efforts to reduce African American child deaths and health disparities, support happy and healthy children, and advocate for families and communities.

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